Monday, January 18, 2010

My Birthday Surprise!

My 30th birthday came and went last weekend.

This weekend was promising to be busy.  My mother in law and father in law came into town Friday and my parents came into town Saturday to be at Bug and Little Brother's baptism (more on that later).  So we had lots of grandparent love and help which was awesome.

Our plan was to do a belated birthday dinner on Saturday night since we'd have automatic babysitters!  We talked about going to a movie or to a bar to listen to live music.  We got home from church, got dressed and went to TacoLu's for dinner.  It's kind-of a bistro Mexican restaurant.  I mean, you don't go there for chicken fajitas.  You go there for seared tuna tacos or avocado tacos.  It was good!

Rob was a weird nervous wreck all day.  He was super hyper and just very anxious (in a good way) all day.  He was driving me up the wall.  Usually I'm the one that's super anxious but for some reason, I was the calm one and he was the stress-case.  We left for dinner and his phone was blowing up.  He mentioned something about going back home to check on the kids and tuck them in and then us going back out to finish the night.  That was all fine and dandy.  I was just goin' with the flow.  We pulled in the neighbor's driveway to get the information to feed their dog (ha!) and I walked in a dark house to all my neighbors and a few friends yelling "Surprise! Happy Birthday!"  I was blown away.... seriously?  Then I looked around and saw my parents and his parents and said, "Um... who has my children?"  They all started laughing and I heard a few "I told you she'd say that!" comments.  Turns out, we had two babysitters at our house next door that I knew (and trusted) and everyone was here to celebrate my birthday.

The night was great.  Lots of friends and lots of small chit chat between groups of people.  It was simple and wonderful.

Thank you honey... the surprise was wonderful and you're an even more wonderful husband.

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  1. We were going to try to stop by for the suprise part of your party...Sandy had a few friends over for my b-day...LOL...Sounds like Rob did a great job keeping you in the dark! GREAT job Rob...Glad you were suprised....Love you Blog...