Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some days are hard!

We are all lying to ourselves if we say we don't have hard days. With social media (twitter, Facebook, pinterest, etc.) it's easy for us to make our lives look easy. One picture posted of a fun craft done with kids, an update about the amazing dinner we've made... They all do not paint an accurate picture of our lives. We have to be careful we don't let those words and pictures make us feel like we aren't doing enough and can make us anxious for what we haven't done.

Today is a day where I woke up anxious. Stinkerbell has her 4m check up today, the girls get out at 1:30 for early dismissal, and hubby works all night. I'm anxious about what hasn't even happened yet!

So today, I will be busy and I pray I have enough in my heart to make today great.

Jesus, fill my heart with Your love today.