Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Living in Florida, it doesn't get too cold that often.  But when it gets cold, it's a different kind of cold.  It's a wet cold.  A humid cold.  A cold that sneaks down into your bones.

My 45 degrees is much colder than your 20.  (Wow, that sounds childish, huh?)

Days like today, I'm thankful I live in Florida and do not have to endure the cold winters that others go through for months out of the year.  I'm hopeful for chilly days to help with the holiday cheer but once the holidays are over, I'll gladly take our hot, humid summers.



  1. That's how it is out here in NC most of the time. Every now and then we get a cold sunny day, but most of the time it's wet, foggy, and humid cold. Pretty big change from the the AZ "cold" (hahahah!) that I'm so used to.

  2. After living in England, where it's so damp...I can attest to any damp cold being far worse than regular old cold. Minnesotans can hard-ass ourselves all we like about enduring -20F for 4 months at a time in 50 feet of snow, but that's just how it is (ok...sorta!) and we both expect and are equipped for it. Damp cold goes right through those down parkas and is so hard to shake. Always said I'd take a dry 0F over a damp 0C any day. I don't envy you guys right now!